MANUFACTUR The material is from high quality crystal clear TPU plastic, odorless and free of hazardous plasticizers. For easy handling, good wearing comfort and the necessary security during play, we have a specially designed belt system, for which we use only stainless and high quality buckles. THE IDEA to product Loopyball The origin of this idea is coming from different team sports but the focus in team sports is very often „brutal fights and „heavy fouls“. Very often the players leave the field with bad injuries. Not so with the Loopyballs. You can bump into each other as often and hard as you want. The players are very well protected and the fouls and fights turn into a very fun game without any danger. AREA OF USE You can use the original Loopyballs all year - indoor and outdoor, on grass, sand or in the snow. DURABILITY We have in 5 years a lot of events carried out with our Loopyballs, which are still in use. Our partners also work over 3 years with the same Loopyballs. Do you want to buy original Loopyballs? Send us pls your inquiry now and we will send you some more information with the price list. FIT FOR ... The inner openning is large enough, that corpulent player have sufficiently space and not constriction. max. player weight is 100kg Copyright ©  FLIP SPORT® │ All Rights Reserved  │                        QUALITY PRODUCT original Loopyball - made in Germany FLIP SPORT® offers companies, businesses, agencies, schools and clubs the rental and the individual production of Loopyballs.    AGB Enjoy this Fun ! click on the preview and watch the video Have Fun ! to watch the videos click on the preview images.